Two police officers allegedly killed a man in Lamu

Two police officers allegedly killed a man in Lamu who was suspected of possessing drugs. The deceased reportedly tried to swallow the drugs when the police caught him with the substances.

The family of the deceased said Miji Mohamed Aboud, 44, was choked to death by two police officers after they arrested him.

The family demands justice of Aboud.

Tension is high in the area, as the public accuse the police of murdering Aboud.

We are concerned and saddened by the death and shall follow up the matter to its logical conclusion together with family members.

Meanwhile, we advise the residents of Lamu to calm down and let the wheels of justice start turning.

#lamu#humanrights#MUHURI#RightToLifeDirectorate of Criminal Investigations – DCIIndependent Policing Oversight Authority – IPOA KENYA


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