We Defend People.

Core Values

At MUHURI, we promote and defend all Human Rights Accountably, Responsively and Professionally. We do this in a manner that is consistent with the values in the Constitution of Kenya, recognizing and encouraging staff creativity, continuous learning and team work; in partnership with Communities of Human Rights Defenders and other stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

1.              To provide a platform for grassroots empowerment for marginalized and vulnerable persons within Kenya to progressively realize and enjoy their fundamental human rights and freedoms provided in law.

2.              To embolden operational capacity for MUHURI towards its realization of its Human Rights agenda and Defense of the rule of Law and Constitutionalism in Kenya.


3.              To create an all-inclusive collaboration platform for state and non-state actors as a sustainable and effective means for community peace building and development.

Why us.

Our Three Main Themes

Muslim Demarginalisation

Due to a conjuncture of historical, cultural and political reasons, the Muslim community had remained in the peripheral in the struggle for human rights in the country. One of the concerns of MUHURI therefore was to work primarily but not exclusively towards the empowerment of people of Islamic faith and finding avenues for moving them to the center of the struggle. MUHURI collaborated and networked with a number of organizations on this.

Political and Economic Reforms

In conjunction with other human rights organizations, MUHURI participated in and sought to diversify the ongoing efforts in Kenya and internationally to promote and protect the enjoyment of human rights and civil liberties by all. In doing so, MUHURI made a direct contribution to the agenda of political and economic reforms.

Social Reforms

Cognizant of the fact that human and civil rights are violated not only by government in power but also by private individuals, civil communities, cultures and centuries of traditions, MUHURI addressed and campaigned around specific issues of social reform within the Muslim community and beyond.

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