Kenyan President on July 5, 2019, gave the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) powers to approve or reject CSOs’ work in preventing and countering violent extremism.

The National Assembly unconstitutionally and illegally passed the State Law (Miscellaneous Amendment) Bill into an Act of Parliament, which president Uhuru Kenyatta assented.

In effect, the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2012, got amended, giving NCTC a far-reaching force to control civil society organizations that work to end violent extremism.

Resultantly, there is a risk of a complete shutdown of operations.

There are reasons to believe the government will use the law to intimidate CSOs that are critical of its operations, many covert and illegal, like the secret CIA and MI6 war in Kenya.

The amendments, too, were not subjected to proper public participation.

MUHURI with other CSOs sued to stop the government from limiting the freedom of expression and association.

MUHURI will litigate the case – petition 134/2019 filed at Mombasa High Court – to its finality.

The case is coming up on November 10, 2020, for highlighting of submissions.

Read the petition here.