It has been a long coming for a number of old town business community whose businesses were disrupted by Mombasa water Supply and Sanitation Company who embarked on a project to improve the sewer and sanitation in old town early February or thereabout. As a result of the improvement project, several businesses were disrupted resulting to lose of clients, disturbances, and destruction of properties.

These persons finding no recourse from Mombasa Water and Sanitation Company, or any person/s concerned, reached out to MUHURI to help them get compensated for the disruption.

The letter was received and filed at MUHURI dated 26th July, 2022 and referenced under reference number MUH/PR/01/7/2020. MUHURI wrote to Mombasa Water and Sanitation Company seeking compensation for the affected persons, in this case referred to as PAPS. In response to this letter, Mombasa Water and Sanitation Company called for a consultative meeting through a letter dated 2nd August, 2022 and was referenced MWSSC/MD/001/VO-111/218.

On the 3rd of August, 2022 the first meeting was hosted at Swahili Hub in Mombasa and was attended by; representatives from World Bank, who are the project funding institution, representatives from Mombasa Water and Sanitation Company who are the implementing Agency, a representative from the County Government of Mombasa, the Project client, about eighty Project Affected Persons (PAPs), and finally a representative from MUHURI.  Three other subsequent meetings were held being facilitated by MUHURI, with the recent one taking place on the 24th of August, 2022.

It is during this meeting that all involved parties reached an amicable agreement with the understanding that the affected business persons shall be compensated for disturbance caused. It was also stated that the World Bank had already released money to Mombasa Water and Sanitation Company, where every affected business was allocated KSh 6000, compensation money meant for disturbance and not any destruction. A tentative agreement was reached on a follow-up meeting next on Wednesday 31st of August, 2022 where all the affected business persons shall be appending their signatures as agreed.

“We as MUHURI are pleased that the matter has finally been resolved and all the parties are contented.” Said Francis Auma, a Rapid Response Officer at Muslims For Human Rights.