Kenya Tuitakayo, a people-driven movement aimed at ending impunity in the country, has been launched in Mombasa.

The initiative fights for dignity and human rights, sovereignty and protection of public resources, and a just nation. It is against predetermined ballots. It further focuses on inclusivity, youth development, quality and relevant education, and a secure country.

The movement is opposed to grabbing of public land or its allocation for private interests. KTM wants natural resources protected, and segregation based on economic class and power stopped.

The Nairobi charter has held a series of peaceful demonstrations. The latest done on April 30, was, however, broken up by police batons and teargas. Police made arrests.

The aggression by the law-enforcers only served to embolden the desire by Mombasa residents to activate their charter.

On Friday, the Mombasa Charter took to the street explaining the course and urging residents to fight for a just society.