Some 10,000 Kanana residents in Kwale have protested the government’s plans to relocate them for cane farming by the Kwale International Sugar Company Limited.

The government said it owned the disputed 6,000 acres and wants the group to shift to Kidimu area.

Residents legally own the land, the said, noting they posses allotment letters. But they don’t have title deeds.

Ginora Kinyasi, a local, said the government issued them with the allotment letters, which it later said are fake.

“We have also confirmed with the Lands office that our title deeds are there, but we cannot pick them because the documents we have are fake,” Kinyasi said. “The government has not explained how a document that originated from them can be fake.”

MUHURI led a protest to block the eviction. Kwale field officer Abdulrahman Mwangoka said if all the mediation avenues fail, they will have to involve the law to resolve the tussle.

“These people should not bear the brunt because someone allegedly issued a fake letter,” he said.

Lands CAS Gideon Mung’aro has promised to check into the matter, saying there is no way the government can issue fake title deeds.

“The government does genuine work. We need to investigate the issue and find out what the problem is,” he was quoted by the Star as saying said.