Malindi Catholic Bishop Willybard Lagho has been teaching ideological similarities between Catholicism and Islam.

He does this to bridge the differences by using the Bible and Quran to illustrate similarities in the two faiths.

On April 26, he broke fast with Muslims at his residence in Malindi. Muslims are observing the Holy Month of Ramadan. They are fasting and praying. Iftar is the first meal after a daylong fast.

Lagho’s action is sowing religious tolerance, just like this project, Religious Minorities: Overcoming Divide, Respecting Rights.

Lagho has received wide media coverage for his deed.

The Standard newspaper has described him as a “religious barrier breaker” and a “strong pillar in the fight against radicalism and has played a great role in bridging religious difference”.

But Lagho said his action is nothing but “normal”.

“Islam and Catholic believe that God is the creator of the universe, there is life after death, the existence of angels, Jesus the son of Mary and all honour Mary the Mother,” he told the Standard newspaper.

Muslim clerics are praising him for his selfless gesture.

“[It] can do a miracle in a divisive community like ours,” Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (Kemnac) chair, Sheikh Juma Ngao, said.

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