Muhuri trains CSOs on audit

Audit training for CSOs working on governance.

Nominated MCA Mohamed Hatimy during audit training for CSOs working on governance. Photo: © 2019 Ernest Cornel/Muhuri.


Muhuri has conducted an audit training at Bliss Resort for Mombasa Civil Society Organizations majoring on governance.

The County Assembly Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members and the office of the Auditor-General shared their expertise.

The training focused on financial, performance, forensic, and procurement audits.

The auditor general office usually presents its report to PAC. The committee then summons concerned public officers in case of a query. CSOs, on the other hand, have been pushing to have these queries addressed.

The training, therefore, presented a perfect opportunity for the three to build a network of collaboration. With it, Muhuri hopes the oversight roles will be enhanced, and misappropriation of public funds dealt with appropriately as per the law.

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