This handbook, a culmination of the efforts by five entities, will be used as a guide for trainers under this project: Religious minorities in Kenya: Overcoming divides, respecting rights.

It emerges with sound principles that envisage the coming together of religious people, based on commonality and widely shared values. The intention is to set an environment of trust and a network of co-operation.

This manual visualizes the training of forum members and modelling them into a community of hope, solidarity, forgiveness and advocates for understanding, tolerance, and respect within the entire society.

We have carefully made the manual an easy read.

Norwegian Agency for Development (Norad) funded the production of this manual, whose contents were put up by Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI), Islamic Relief Kenya (IRK), the Network of Traditional Peacemakers, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) and Tangaza University College.

Read the manual here.