The Judiciary has come up with regulations—coded “Ogola Rules”—that will keep prisoners safe while in police custody.

The rules came after Judge Erick Ogola jailed four police officers for the manslaughter of a British citizen, Alexander Manson.

Judge Ogola sentenced Naftali Chege to 15 years in prison and suspended five years. Charles Munyiri got 12 years (six are suspended), Ismael Baraka nine years (five are suspended), and John Pamba 12 years (six are suspended).

Monson, 28, was found dead at Diani police station after being arrested for what cops said was smoking cannabis during a night out in Diani, Kwale, in May 2012.

Many Kenyans—majority poor and living in informal settlements—have been victims of extrajudicial killings like Monson.

Ogola said police cells ought to be the safest place for all. However, they have turned into death traps, the judge said on November 15, 2021, in Mombasa.

There’s a need to send a clear message that the police must take care of life rather than taking it away, Ogola said, adding that police will be held responsible for the negligent performance of their duty.