Updated July 1: Malindi High Court orders police to produce Yasir Mahmoud.

Malindi High Court on June 30 ordered police to produce Yasir Mahmoud before it on July 2.

The directive followed a suit by MUHURI, filed on June 30, seeking court orders to compel police to release the ambulance driver.

Security agents abducted Mahmoud at Mkunumbi, Lamu on June 19.

The abduction happened before Mahmoud’s wife, Yumna, and his 15-year-old son, Abdulaziz Yasir.

The family was heading to Lamu Island from Mpeketoni. “Upon reaching a few distances from Mkunumbi Township, we were intercepted by a GK Police Land Cruiser with three armed persons who had covered their faces and were dressed in official security outfit,” Yumna said in her affidavit filed at Malindi High Court.

The officers, Yumna said, ordered them to leave the car and took her husband.

Since then, the family has not heard of Mahmoud.

The family reported the abduction at Lamu and Mpeketoni police stations and got OB numbers 31/19/06/2021 and 16/20/06/2021, respectively.

Mahmoud works as an ambulance driver with the Lamu county government.

“My family and I are in deep anguish and anxiety as to the circumstances surrounding my husband’s abduction or arrest, the reason for his continued detention incommunicado, and his general wellbeing since the arrest,” Yumna said.

High Court order.

Read the petition here.

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