Likoni juvenile gangs surrender to police


Likoni juvenile gang members surrender to police. Photo: © 2019 Ernest Cornel/Muhuri.

Some 250 juvenile gangs in Likoni, Mombasa, surrendered to authorities after being reformed by MUHURI.

The group has attacked, maimed locals. Their popular weapons are machete and knives. Operational time is at night. They are dreaded, their sight sends fear.

Likoni deputy county commissioner Eric Wamulevu assured those surrendering of their safety. He spoke during a forum bringing together reformed gang members, security agencies and human rights groups at Likoni ACK Guest House on Wednesday.

MUHURI, Red Cross, and Mombasa County Government are assisting in the reintegration into society.

Rapid response officer Francis Auma said police must learn to accept reformed gang members and help them reintegrate into society.

“Mistrust between the community and the police is the major problem. Police do not trust the youth and the youth do not trust the police. These two groups must learn to work together,” Auma said.

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