On Tuesday the 16th of August, 2022 Mr. Yassir Hussein Ahmed was reported missing while he went about his daily business in Mokowe Lamu County.  His unknown whereabout was reported to Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) and documented by the Rapid Response Officer in Lamu, Mr. Muhammad Skanda. His disappearance was also reported at the Mokowe Police station at 13:18hrs with an OB number 18/16/08/22.

Yassir, is aged between 28-30 years, works as a miraa loader and is a resident of Koreni – Mokowe Location. Yasir had last been seen near a barbershop at around 12:22hrs on Tuesday the 16th of August 2022. He was wearing a white T-shirt and blue pants at the time of his disappearance.

According to an eye witness, Yassir was abducted by five unknown persons driving in a Toyota Probox that approached him. Two armed men then came out of the vehicle, asked Yassir to produce his identity card, handcuffed him, roughed him inside the Toyota Probox (KBT) and sped off. The registration number was unclear.

At around 06:10hrs, Mr. Yassir was abandoned in Magogoni Forest near Mokowe village off BeleBele – Magogoni highway. The Abductors left him with his phone and he was then able to contact his family who immediately reached out to MUHURI’s Mohamed Skanda. Yassin was picked up by Mr Skanda in the company of the area OCS and was taken to a nearby health facility for first Aid at Mokowe Health Centre and later on discharged and reunited with his family.

MUHURI’s Mohamed Skanda followed up with Mr. Yassin to try and ascertain what exactly transpired while Mr. Yassin was in the hands of his abductors. “Mr. Yassin was blindfolded the entire time he was being moved around. The blindfold was removed when the abductors stopped to get Mr. Yassin out of the car” said Mr Skanda “They forced him to admit that he was a person of interest that they were looking for, who according to Yassin’s abductors, was a drug dealer and was linked to the radical Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab. Mr yassin had to prove that he wasn’t’ the individual they were looking for but not before beating him up and torturing him.” He added.