Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has joined MUHURI Board.

He brings on board an immense wealth of experience, especially in the civil society and human rights sector. His impressive track record of defending the constitution and the rule of law will advance MUHURI goal of increasing resistance to impunity and expanding constitutionalism in Kenya.

Justice Mutunga was instrumental in the constitution-making processes in the country. He implemented the progressive 2010 Kenyan Constitution, serving as the head of the Judiciary and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya—the position he held from 2011-2016.

His addition to MUHURI Board will strengthen the organization to promote and defend all human rights accountably, responsively, and professionally. Through his position as the CJ, Justice Mutunga achieved striking progress in bringing the justice system closer to the ordinary people, which is part of a program at MUHURI under the mobile court sessions.

The Board of MUHURI welcomes Justice Mutunga as its member.


Khelef Khalifa

Chairman of MUHURI Board of Directors