When one is released from prison, they are always filled with the joy of getting home, meeting their family members and catching up with every loved one as they celebrate their release. But that was not the case for one Amani Mohamed Mwafujo. A man who was incarcerated for six years and on the day of his release, was abducted by security agents. This happened in March of 2022, and exactly six months later he was released. Mr. Mwafujo showed up on the morning of September 3rd 2022 at around 7 am. This was confirmed by his family.

Mr. Mwafujo was abducted after his release from Shimo la Tewa prison and was immediately abducted by about six men who bundled him into one of two standby vehicles that were waiting for him, a Toyota Land Cruiser and a Toyota Probox, both white in color. Mr. Mwafujo, Who is now thirty five years, was happy he would finally meet his ailing 72-year-old mother Mariam Mohamed Mfumbire. But that never happened as he expected. Muslims For Human Rights, MUHURI, has been following up on this disappearance case from when mr Mwafujo was abducted six months ago.

Mr. Francis Auma, MUHURI’s Rapid response officer, paid a visit to the family and confirmed that Mwafujo, had been reunited with his family on the 3rd of September, 2022 and that Mr Mwafujo was safe in Mombasa. Mr. Mwafujo did not speak much about the tribulation he underwent while the hands of his abductors, but narrated that he was in a closed room in an unknown location and was occasionally blindfolded whenever he was moved around by his abductors. He was happy to finally meet his mother and the rest of his family members.

On the 30th of August, 2022, the world commemorated the International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances and currently the country is witnessing a worrying wave of kidnappings, abductions and cases of enforced disappearances. MUHURI will continue to pursue such cases of enforced disappearances not only in the Coastal region but in the entire country to try and find out whereabouts and possibly reunite the missing persons with their families.

Story By Francis Auma