Peace and Security Development (PSD)




Introduction to Peace and Security for development (PSD)


MUHURI has been working on peace and security issues in the Coast region for the last 10 years. During this time, our peace initiatives have contributed immensely to the peace and harmony that the region has enjoyed. Through our engagement with communities and linking them up with security authorities we have been able to narrow the gap between the people and the government. We have undertaken thousands of activities in which the police and the people were able to engage and pass out crucial information which helped in provision of security. We have also advocated for the rights of the people when they were arrested by the police and continued to follow up on this through the judicial process. Our efforts to also improve the welfare of those working with the police force have been exemplary. Besides calling for increase in the salaries of security officers, MUHURI has also advocated for better working terms. As an organization, we have also undertaken trainings for security officers on human rights, paralegalism and the law.


The Goal of the Project


The goal of the project is to safeguard human rights in the fight against terrorism and to promote partnership between the people and security authorities in counter terrorism efforts.


Objectives of the Project


The objectives of the project are as follows:
1. Educate the public on the effects of terrorism and how they can help fight terrorism
2. Create linkages between communities and authorities in the fight against terrorism
3. Advocate for the rights of suspects as provided for by the Constitution of Kenya
4. Ensure communities grievances are addressed by the authorities whenever they are raised


Thematic Area


Mainstream Human Rights and Gender Parity in National Policies and Communities’ Practices This thematic area will see MUHURI working mainly with national institutions and community based groups to entrench gender and human rights in the peoples’ day to day lives. Specifically, this thematic area will target women and youth to bring them at the forefront of development and ensure that they meaningfully contribute to decision making. With the bill of rights in the new constitution as the guide, MUHURI will undertake interventions that will ensure gender and human rights principles are engrained within the fabric of our society.


Success of the Project


· Cooperation with Provincial Administration
· Formation of community policing committees and empowering the existing ones
· Breakthrough in working on anti-terrorism issues
· Strengthened & networked with community organisation i.e. kilindini youth forum, kinango HRs network etc
· Formation of Coast Forum for Justice Movement to spearhead Human Rights issues
· Mainstreaming inter-Projects intra-MUHURI linkages
· Highlighting Security & human Rights Concerns in the region i.e. Athi River Ltd mining
· Carried out an (In)Security Survey which will assist in providing interventions on dealing with crime and insecurity
· The Launch of Jitolee Mpwani Program.


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