Projects in Muhuri include:

Counter Violent Extremisim Project (CVEP)

Entrenching Community Participation for good Governance (ECPG)

Social Accountability Project (SAP)

Land and Advocacy Project (LAP)

Peace and Security Development (PSD)

Harm Reduction Project (HRP)

Access to Justice Project (AJP)

Rapid Response Project (RRP)



The activities designed in this project will go a long way in building the gaps in citizen participation; strengthen the structures that will be identified and promote accountability and sustainable development. 

MUHURI sees it fit for this project to be implemented in Kilifi county for as to complement the efforts made so far and also further build the capacities of the area residents to effectively participate in their county matters especially in regards o budgeting. The county is yet to implement various proposals made so far, though there has been engagement especially with the Executive member of Finance for the county. This project will be key, especially in concerting the gains made so far and making clear alternatives and resolutions to the budget of the county as well as identify mechanisms to further create lasting avenues for budget tracking, and citizens’ participation for a people driven budget.

 Kilifi County MCA and also chairperson of Kilifi County scholarship fund respond question raised during  county consultative meeting.


The main purpose of the project is to put emphasis on women’s and other minority groups’ inclusion in developmental affairs of the region. At the Coast, communities have always been quick to point at traditional roles of women as housewives, submissive to their husbands and parents, emotional and other negative attributes to dissuade the public from supporting them. This project will seek to highlight and bring to the fore the positive qualities of women as leaders and key players as decision makers, especially in developmental affairs,  including how well they are educated, their soberness in addressing issues, managerial capabilities, their experiences in leadership and their peace building initiatives. 

On the other hand, it is paramount to note that many minority communities at the Coast have been ignored and overlooked in government policies. To ensure a close knit society, it is imperative to embrace the spirit of equal partnership to promote access to equal opportunities.  For a long time, the absence of such imperatives and the disrespect of the rule of law have led to marginalization of many groups and or communities in Kenya who seem to alienated from the rest of the larger society. Where us marginalization is evitable, proper structure should be put in place and ethnicity be shunned away to pave way for promotion of cohesion and peaceful co existence.


The goal of the project is to safeguard human rights in the fight against terrorism and to promote partnership between the people and security authorities in counter terrorism efforts.

In order to manage the conflict of terrorism within the region, efforts must be made to reach out to the people and engage them in dialogue on how to secure lives, protect property and other fundamental rights. It is MUHURI’s belief that if the people are involved in counter-terrorism efforts and allowed to own the process, then peace will prevail. It is known to all that ensuring security at the same time as safeguarding human rights is not an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, this must be the way in which the fight against terrorism is implemented and this project seeks to do exactly that. We believe that to meet the challenge of terrorism, we need to ensure that the oppressed always have peaceful means of redress at their disposal and the rule of law is followed. Where such means are denied, desperation and fear prevail.


The space for citizen participation has been shrinking over a long period of time despite the little awareness on how to ensure citizen participation. There is also little or no space for the community to also contribute to the development of their county. MUHURI will concentrate its efforts to Kwale County Government and the citizens at large.

There is a thin line between the modern term of community participation and social audits which MUHURI has been conducting since 2006. Reports are abound of how social audit has worked in the areas it has been used and communities have become more enlightened on their roles. Even government officers are now warming up to the strategy and wanting to make it part of their normal operations.

The objective goals of this project are to create platforms for sharing of information between Kwale county government structures and the communities. To enhance community involvement in county management, project development and policy formulation. To establish a participatory framework and structures to maximize the ability of citizens to influence the initiation of county development projects and their outcomes at all stages of the development cycle. Lastly to create a county government that is sensitive and receptive to citizen needs.




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