Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) is thoroughly shocked and dismayed at the attack of worshippers at The Joy in Christ Church in Likoni during a Sunday mass service. We condemn in the strongest terms the attack on Joy in Jesus Church, Likoni by unknown gunmen. Six lives have been lost so far while 17 are fighting for their lives in hospital. Among those killed include Assistant Pastor, Philip Mutesa and Mama Priscilla Kiilu. We send our heartfelt condolences to families that lost their dear ones. We also wish those in hospital quick recovery. Despite the rising tension and increase in deaths specifically at the south Coast region, the reason behind the attack is yet to be established.


All places of worship are sacred and there is no justification of any sort for anyone to conduct any criminal activities or attacks in such holy places which have most the times filled with women and children. It is unacceptable and it is incumbent upon any person to pay utmost attention to matters of religion.  The deaths of the six innocent worshippers who were fired at by the unknown assailants could have been avoided had the security incidences in the south coast area been taken seriously by the security.


Despite the tension (religious) in the region, we want to urge all citizens to remain calm and have faith in the security agents as they do their work. We are demanding that H.E The President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and the security agencies in the country led by Mr. Joseph Ole Lenku (the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government) take the security situation at the Coast Region serious. We demand that The President declares insecurity at the Coast as a National Disaster.


Thirdly we demand that The Administration and National Security - Parliamentary Committee should come down to the Coast and:-

-Assure citizens that their security is guaranteed

-find out the root causes of the insecurity in the region and

-address them expeditiously.


Such attacks are not new in the region and it is high time citizens of Kenya were given answers as to the status of security and those perpetrators are brought to book. The government should move with speed to deal with this matter and immediately make arrests for the sake of the peace and justice for Kenyans.


MUHURI is keen on the human rights violations especially of the coastal people and we are ready to offer any support and assistance that may be needed in order to ensure that the best interests of our people are taken care of. The people of Mombasa have suffered not only from terrorist bomb attacks but also from police harassment and killings in the name of fighting terrorism. The police have so far failed to carry out professional investigations leading to the arrest of real terrorists. This is unacceptable!

We shall continue to push and advocate for justice and a peaceful environment for all. We reiterate our position that action on those responsible for the death and injuries must be taken immediately. The sanctity of life must be respected despite religion, race or tribe etc.





Mwambi Mwasaru


Executive Director

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