Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) takes this early opportunity to wish all Muslims Ramadhan kareem and saum maqbul.


As we fast, we remember the hundreds of Muslims who have been detained at Safaricom Kasarani Stadium who were rounded up in security swoops at Eastleigh and South C in the name of Operation Usalama Watch to fight terror threats three months ago. To date, the government of Kenya has made no effort whatsoever to ensure they are deported back to Somalia or the relevant authorities. It is very sad to note that the vice President William Ruto can publicly say in a national Television that the detention camps have been closed and the refugees sent to their home.The true reflection of the matter is that the camps are still open with hundreds of Somalis still being detained despite their families having refugees documents for their stay in Kenya and also willing to return them to their Country. Some of them have even gone ahead and gotten air tickets for their family members who are being detained. This is a case of complete impunity being enjoyed by the General Service Unit (GSU’s) who are denying the relatives of the detainees’ access to visiting their relatives at the camps.


We also wish to remind all Muslims specifically and Kenyans in general that there are still the eight individuals who were illegally handed over to Uganda's government by our own security agencies and whose families have now marked several Ramadhans without their beloved heads of houses. It is absurd for the President to wish Muslims Ramadhan Kareem when they are doing nothing to alleviate the continued suffering of the Uganda 8 families.


As we mark this month of Ramadhan, MUHURI calls on all Muslims and peace loving Kenyans to continue with their efforts of fighting for rights and nation building. We urge all to pray for detainees at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium and the 8 Kenyans being held in Luzira (UGANDA) so that they and their families may find peace in their hearts. MUHURI will mobilize and call for special prayers during this month of Ramadhan, to be led by Muslim religious leaders, to seek divine intervention for the insecurity situation in the country and at the coast specifically. May this Ramadhan bring joy and blessings to all Muslims and Kenyans.


Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) is demanding the Kenyan government to immediately deport the refugees or return them to the relevant authorities including the Dadaab camp .MUHURI is also calling the Kenyan and Ugandan governments to immediately and unconditionally release the eight (8) Kenyans who were unconstitutionally renditioned to Uganda to be brought back to Kenya to face trial in their home country. The eight were arrested by the notorious Kenyan Anti Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) and extra judicially handed over to Uganda security forces at different intervals towards the end of 2010.  The Kenyan courts came out clearly that the actions by the Kenyan ATPU violated the constitutional rights of those they renditioned to Uganda. What remains unclear is why, despite the court rulings and public condemnation of the renditions and the detainees, is the government is still hesitant to
act appropriately and accord the detainees and the eight Kenyans their rights and freedoms.





Rahma Gulam Abbas


Deputy Executive Director

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