MUHURI has partnered with different stakeholders to design this programme to instill a sense of volunteerism and promote ownership of public service by communities. This program will honor and value participants based on the time and quality of community service they offer at different stages. The program will enhance discipline and flexibility in the participating individuals and promote their physical fitness as well as finesse in their work ethics. The scheme will have 5 levels where individuals will have to go through before graduating into Shujaas (Heroes) of Coast. Each level will have at least 4 areas of participation including community service, physical fitness, expeditions and skills development.

Specifically the scheme will aim at the following:

  • Promote, strengthen and instill the culture of volunteerism amongst the people
  • Increase public awareness on youth participation in sustainable development
  • Promotion of social network and linkages between youths and other stake holders


This scheme targets mainly the youth. However, all persons out of school will be encouraged to participate. There is no age limit as the idea behind the program is to ensure that those who have time to spare use that time positively by contributing to community service. The program is designed for all persons residing anywhere in the Coast. The following are the four elements that will. The program will have five levels as follows:




Level Community Service Expedition Physical Fitness Skills
Mkakamavu 10hrs 1 in 1 day Running 1 Km in 5 mins
Junior first Aid scheme
Hodari 20 hrs 1 in 2 days Running 3 km in 10mins
Basic First Aid
Jabari 40hrs 2  in 2 days Running 5 km in 25 mins
Basic2 First Aid
Jasiri 80hr 2 in 3 days Running 7Km in 1 hr
Senior First Aid
Shujaa 160 hrs 2 in 5days Triathlon
(swimming  300m, Running
5Km and cycling 7 Km)




 On joining, every member will be issued with a log/record book that will be used to record their profiles in the program. These log/record books will only be filled in and signed by assessors who will be officials mandated to monitor the members contribution.

The identified partners in who will assist in undertaking the activities include:


  • Municipal Council – Supervising garbage collection, sweeping roads, painting etc
  • Nyumba ya Wazee – taking care of the old aged
  • Kenya Wildlife  Service -  supervising beach clean ups, parks clean up
  • Wildlife Clubs of Kenya – Conservation Activities
  • Orphanages
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Likoni  children remand
  • Mombasa Youth Counseling Centre
  • Pwani Women Hospital


2.1 Community Service
The activities under this category are meant to promote people’s participation in public service within their communities. Through the partnership of public bodies, specific days will be set aside for members to undertake different activities. The amount of time spent will be recorded in the individual member’s log/records book and the hours will be tallied every time a person participates in community service. The activities will include:




No. Activity Station
1 Supervising garbage collection, sweeping roads, painting Municipal Council
2. Taking care of the old aged Nyumba ya Wazee
3. Supervising beach clean ups, parks clean up Kenya Wildlife Service
4. Conservation Activities Wildlife Clubs of Kenya
5. Clean up Orphanages
6. Clean up Likoni children remand
7. Guiding and Counseling Mombasa Youth Counseling Centre
8. Taking care of the sick and doing a clean up Coast Provincial General Hospital




2.2 Expedition
The purpose of Expeditions is to encourage understanding of different local communities and to allow members to understand their province. The expeditions will see groups of members participating in walks, hiking and camping in different parts of Coast which in turn will familiarize them with the province. The mode of transport to be used during expeditions will be walking and participating members will be encouraged to mingle with local communities to understand their ways of living. The selected locations for expeditions include;


  • Tana River – Arawale National reserve and  its vicinity
  • Lamu – Kiunga marine park
  • Shimba Hills National reserve -  Sheldrick falls
  • Miritini – Mwanche ria
  • Malindi – Takaye
  • Arabuko Sokoke forest
  • Mambrui – Sand dunes
  • Vuria Hills Taita


2.3. Skills
The objective of this particular activity is to identify, nurture and develop skills within members and ensure that these skills are put into good use. In most African societies, skills are not considered worth developing and instead many are forced by circumstances to forego their skills in the search for survival and livelihood. This activity will call on every member to look deep inside themselves and identify a skill that they can work on and develop. Skills will include the following:


  • Life Skills – First Aid
  • Peer Education
  • Counseling
  • Communication Skills -  Information Technology
  • Sports
  • Needle crafting
  • Graphic/ Art
  • Collection of stamps and coins and other artifacts
  • Handicrafts
  • Photography
  • Technical Skills – mechanics, plumber, carpentry, tailoring, life guarding e.t.c
  • Management Skills -  Human Resource, Public relation, Book keeping, Disaster Management, Community development.




2.4 Physical Fitness
The objective of this activity is to promote healthy living and eating for good health. Through exercises and body building activities, the program will require members to ensure that they maintain a certain level of fitness that will enable them to lead a healthy life. Through physical fitness, the program hopes to develop an interest amongst its membership on watching their bodies and ensuring that they maintain a positive physical condition.
The activities under this include:


  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Walking Race
  • Triathlon


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