Background Of Muhuri

Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based at the Coast of Kenya. It began in 1997 to promote the struggle for human rights, with a view to contributing towards the national and international struggle to promote and protect the enjoyment of human rights and civil liberties by all. MUHURI is legally registered under the NGO Coordination Act.

In 2005, MUHURI developed its strategic plan 2005-2010. This strategic plan guided the organization in the implementation of all programmes and activities. In late 2008, MUHURI took a conscious step to undertake a strategic rethinking exercise to situate itself well in the new and changing Kenya. Owing to the changing times both within and outside the organization, a review was inevitable in order to situate the organization well in the reforms of the country. However, this review was to be undertaken lowly and with a lot of professionalism so that the organization can at the same time continue to fully participate in the change process that was on-going in the country.

The strategic rethinking exercise was thus done over a period of two years (October 2008 – September 2010) and had the following four key processes undertaken:

-    Organisational Evaluation and Impact Assessment (October 2008 – March 2009)

-    Organisational and Institutional Development (April 2009 – September 2009)

-    Institutional Strengthening Exercise (October 2009 – March 2010)

-    Organisational Capacity Assessment and Strategic Plan Finalisation (April 2010 – September 2010)

The result of the above was the adoption of a new strategic plan 2010-2012-2017 which is detailed below.

1.1 The Goal

“Promote Good Governance and a Culture of Human Rights at all Levels by 2017”

The goal of the organization seeks to realize a Kenya where those in leadership are informed by democratic values and desire to see the people realize individual and societal development. It seeks to promote adherence to human rights principles as the guiding values to all decisions made by citizens and their government.

1.2    Vision

“A Just Society Anchored on Human Rights and Good Governance”

The vision is the final destination of the organization. It is where all our efforts are supposed to lead to. In this case, it is where the people’s day to day lives are founded on human rights values of fairness, justice and equity and where those in leadership use their positions for the good of all.

1.3    Mission

“Promotion of a Culture of Constitutionalism and the Progressive Realization of Human Rights”

The mission informs all the thematic focus areas of the organization and directs all efforts that are undertaken by the programmes. It seeks to bring about a new way of life where rule of law is the guiding norm and the rights of individuals and groups are enhanced and improved constantly.

1.4    Motto

“Utetezi wa Haki”

“Promotion of Justice” is the organisation’s motto and it signifies the unending efforts to realize a just society where everyone has the freedom to enjoy their rights to the maximum and without impediment from any other individual, group, institution or state.

1.5    Values and Guiding Principles

In its day to day operations, MUHURI, its staff and its networks will be guided by the following values and guiding principles:

(a)    Respect for Human Rights

MUHURI will promote a culture of human rights both within and outside the organization with a view to ensuring that the dignity of all persons is respected and all are given a fair chance in society to progressively realize their rights

(b)    Constitutionalism and Rule of Law

Following the adoption of the new Constitution for Kenya, MUHURI will actively participate in ensuring that the document is implemented to the fullest and that the people reap the fruits of the new constitutional dispensation. The organization will also make sure that laws are passed that are not only in conformity with the new constitution but are also strictly followed to by leaders and citizens.

(c)    Transparency and Accountability

As an organization, MUHURI will remain steadfast in calling for the openness of all government processes and ensuring that those in leadership positions are held responsible for their actions. Concurrently, MUHURI will empower citizens to understand and undertake their roles in holding leaders accountable.

(d)    Gender Parity and Demarginalisation

To ensure a society where all and sundry are respected, MUHURI will promote the rights of women and men and ensure that all get opportunities to enhance their well being. The organization will also work to eliminate all forms of marginalisation that exists within the community be it on the basis of disability, religion, ethnicity or political affiliations.

(e)    Fairness and Equity

MUHURI will promote justice and impartiality in the Kenyan society and ensure all people get reasonable treatment in the development processes of the country. The organization will also work towards promoting the fair distribution of the national cake so as to promote unity and nationhood amongst Kenyans.