The goal of the project is to safeguard human rights in the fight against terrorism and to promote partnership between the people and security authorities in counter terrorism efforts.

In order to manage the conflict of terrorism within the region, efforts must be made to reach out to the people and engage them in dialogue on how to secure lives, protect property and other fundamental rights. It is MUHURI’s belief that if the people are involved in counter-terrorism efforts and allowed to own the process, then peace will prevail. It is known to all that ensuring security at the same time as safeguarding human rights is not an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, this must be the way in which the fight against terrorism is implemented and this project seeks to do exactly that. We believe that to meet the challenge of terrorism, we need to ensure that the oppressed always have peaceful means of redress at their disposal and the rule of law is followed. Where such means are denied, desperation and fear prevail