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Board of Directors

MUHURI is headed by a Board of Directors (BOD) who represent different sectors of the Coastal communities. In particular, the BOD is composed of representatives from the following sectors: the religious, women, youth, political and legal sectors.

Members of the board are as follows:

• Mr. Khelef Khalifa  (Chairperson)
• Mr. Munir Mazrui
• Mr. Athman Mwinyijaka (Member)
• Mr. Maina Kiai (Member)
• Ms Rukiya Rashid (Member)
• Father Gabriel Dolan (Member)
• Mr. Maina Kiai (Member)
• Proff. Abdallah Bujra

Members of Staff

MUHURI has a core staff of 14 members which consists of an Executive Director (Hassan Abdille), Executive Assistant (Aisha Bakari), Rapid Response Officer (Fahad Changi), 6 Project Officers (MUHURI has a core staff of 14 members which consists of a Deputy Executive Director/Finance Manager (Rahma Gulam), a Human Resource Manager (Asha Dima), 6 Project Officers (Monicah Wanjiru, Peter Shambi, Simon Kazungu and Fredrick Okado) , an Administrator (Fahad Changi) , Finance Officer (Zainab Alwy, Zainab Abdalla) and Accounts Clerk (Salwa Swaleh) an Administrative Assistant (Nailah Abdallah) a Driver (Mohammed Abdhulmajid) and 2 Office Assistants (Mwinyi Mbaruku and Samuel Safari).


MUHURI also has 12 field officers working in its four (4) projects namely; Peace and Security for Development (PSD) project, Social Accountability (SA) project, Access to Justice (AJ) and Land Advocacy (LA) project.


From time to time MUHURI takes in Programme Associate/Interns who assist in the running of its projects.   


MUHURI has based its offices in the Six Counties with officers in each and every county. The following are the MUHURI officers in the County Offices.

Mombasa County
• Topista Juma
• Dickson Okongo
• Yunus Said

TanaRiver County
• Twalib Bakero
• Kuresha Khadija Ahmed

Taita/Taveta County
• Charles Mwadegu
• Kelly Aduo

Kwale County
• Adam Chivumba
• Abbdulrahman Mwangoka

Kilifi County
• Michael Mungaro
• Sofia Dyeka
• Afye Swaleh

Lamu County
• Athman Issa
• Ummulkheyr Ahmed

MUHURI's Partners

In the 2010-2012-2017 period, MUHURI has identified the following as its partners:
•  Community members and individual citizens
•  Community based and grassroot organizations
•  Women, youth and persons with disabilities organisations
•  Constitutional and agenda four commissions
•  Local and international non governmental organisations
•  The government of Kenya
•  Development partners and donors
•  International community

Organisation’s Coverage Area

MUHURI will primarily be working at the Coast of Kenya. However, depending on the issue being addressed and the expansiveness of different matters, MUHURI will also work outside Coast and where need arises, also at the international level.

Organisation’s Working Unit

MUHURI’s basic working unit will be the County. Kenya is divided into 47 Counties and MUHURI will seek to build bridges between the organisation and the counties. All MUHURI’s programmes and activities will be based on influencing counties, their people and governments to embrace change and realize development. Even when dealing with the national government and international partners, it will be with the view to advancing counties’ interests.

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